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GNHIES98 profile in brief

Period: 1997-1999

Participants: 7,124 adults

Age: 18-79

Sample points: 120 cities and municipalities in Germany

The "German National Health Interview and Examination Survey 1998" (GNHIES98) was carried out by the Robert Koch Institute from 1997 to 1999. 7,124 subjects – a representative sample of the residential population aged between 18 and 79 – were interviewed and medically examined.

The GNHIES98, collected data required to describe health status, morbidity trends and regional differences, including information on diseases and risk factors, health-related modes of behaviour living conditions and the extent to which people use medical services.

The health data were collected in all federal states using uniform characteristics. GNHIES98 was thus the first nationwide representative survey on the health status of Germany's adult population.