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DEGS1 profile in brief

DEGS1 was carried out by the Robert Koch Institute between 2008 and 2011. The study provided comprehensive and representative data on the health status of the adult population living in Germany. The study programme included interviews and physical examinations.

Period: 2008-2011

Participants: 8,152 adults

Age: 18-79+

Sample points: 180 cities and municipalities in Germany

The main issues covered by DEGS1 were health status, health-related behaviour, living conditions and health care. Furthermore, the study focused on chronic diseases, mental health and the implications of demographic changes for health.

The field work in the sample points was conducted on-site by two teams led by study-physicians. The interview and examination programme comprised the following:
•    A computer-assisted medical interview conducted by a physician,
•    A computer-assisted interview on pharmaceutical drug use,
•    A self-administered questionnaire on health and nutrition,
•    Anthropometry,
•    Measurement of blood pressure and pulse,
•    Measurement of thyroid gland volume,
•    A bicycle ergometer test (18-64 age group),
•    A test of physical and cognitive functions (64+ age group),
•    Blood and urine analyses.